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Farmers Says YES to Teen Auto Insurance Discounts

teen auto insurance discountsYoung drivers are typically expensive to insure. They do not have years of driving experience, and as a group, they are more likely to make poor decisions. However, Farmers says YES to teen drivers and YES to teen auto insurance discounts! YES stands for You’re Essential to Safety and the Farmers YES program can provide a discount of up to 30% on an auto insurance premium for a teenage driver.

You or your teen can join the Farmers YES program in 3 simple steps:

1. Watch this video about the dangers of drinking and driving.

2. Review the Farmers Wrecked Handbook.

3. Fill out the Certificate of Completion. The certificate can be faxed to me, and I’ll set up the discount on your policy right away.

In addition to the YES program, Farmers also offers a Good Student discount for full-time high school or college students between the ages of 16-24. 

For information on teen auto insurance discounts, or to sign up for any of the programs above, contact me.


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Insurance Discounts for Seniors

insurance discounts for seniorsAre you above the age of 55 and looking for a discount on your insurance? Here is some good news: Farmers offers auto, home, and motorcycle insurance discounts for seniors.

The Senior Defensive Driver Discount provides customers over the age of 55 a savings of 10% annually on their auto insurance policy. To qualify,  drivers must successfully complete the senior safety course offered through AARP. The course costs $15 and can be completed within several hours. Upon completion of the course, a certificate can be sent to us and the discount will take effect immediately.

The Senior Defensive Driver Discount is in addition to other available discounts, such as the Good Driver Discount, Affinity Discounts, and multi-line policy discounts.

Farmers also offers home insurance discounts for seniors over the age of 55. Those 60 and older will receive an even bigger savings.

If you have any questions about Farmers Home or Auto Insurance or insurance discounts for seniors, please call me at (949) 436-0740.

Road Rage Tips

Road rage is a dangerous problem and can lead to serious accidents. However, road rage is sometimes listed as an exemption in many auto insurance policies since damage caused by aggression isn’t typically an “accident”, but rather the results of unnecessarily risky behavior, or negligence.  Use these road rage tips to avoid aggressive driving and become a safer driver.
1. Take deep breaths.
2. Lower your music volume.
3. Loosen your grip on the steering wheel.
Combined, these road rage tips should help you feel calmer and more relaxed, ready to make reasonable decisions in a stressful situation.

road rage tips

I hope these tips and others can decrease the road rage occurrences in our community! Travel safely, friends!

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Protect Yourself Against Uninsured Drivers

It is a law in the state of California that every driver must carry auto insurance. However, there are still many people who drive without it.  In fact, it is estimated that in 2009, nearly 15% of all California motorists were uninsured drivers.  And likely now, that number is even higher due to years of recession, economic downturn, and unemployment rates.  What does this mean for you, my customers? YOU NEED UNINSURED MOTORIST COVERAGE.

uninsured drivers

via Insurance Research Council

In California, many drivers carry only the state minimums for liability insurance. So if you are in an accident with someone who does not have insurance, or someone who does not have ENOUGH insurance, this coverage will pay medical bills for bodily injury for you and those inside your car. It is also available to cover lost wages, property damage (damage to your vehicle), and pain and suffering.

Uninsured motorist coverage is not required in California, but is relatively inexpensive (usually $10/month or less) and any good insurance agent will recommend that you carry it for your car or motorcycle insurance package. In fact, all insurance carriers in California require signed rejections if this coverage is declined.

To understand more about your California auto insurance policy, read here and here.  And as always, feel free to call me with concerns about uninsured drivers or any of your insurance needs.

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