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7 Driving Tips to Save Gas

Ten four, back door. Put the pedal to the metal and let it roar.
~ Cledus Maggart and the Citizen’s Band

Not so much anymore — gas is too expensive, and so are traffic citations. Today we are looking for ways to save money at the pump and modifying our driving habits may help. Why? Good driving habits typically translate into more efficient fuel consumption. But did you know you can potentially boost the overall fuel efficiency of your car as much as 30 percent?

Here are some driving tips to save gas:

  • Perform routine maintenance — Stay on schedule with oil and filter changes and tune-ups. Your car needs the right proportions of air and fuel to run efficiently.
  • Monitor tire pressure — Not only are they dangerous but under-inflated tires tend to decrease mileage.
  • Combine short trips — Warm engines run more efficiently than cold ones so combining short errands into one trip may save gas and time.
  • Avoid aggressive driving — “Jack-rabbit” starts and hard braking can increase fuel consumption by as much as 40 percent and reduce travel time by only four percent.1 Not a good trade-off.
  • Drive at moderate speeds — Stay at or under the speed limit and drive at a consistent rate of speed. Try to use cruise control on long trips.
  • Travel light — Extra weight in the car creates a drag on the engine and consumes extra gas.
  • Avoid excess idling — Idling uses a surprising amount of fuel — more than restarting the engine.
  • Ride share — When possible, car pool with others to save fuel.
  • Walk more, drive less — Approximately 50% of car use is for trips within 3 miles of the home so consider biking instead for some of these short hops (source).  Or drive to a central location and walk to all of your errands. You’ll be saving fuel, reducing pollution, and perhaps skip a trip to the gym.

Bottom line: Slowing down is the easiest way to cut your fuel bill, and coupled with some of the simple gas-saving tips above you could potentially save hundreds of dollars and reduce gas emissions and other pollutants. Slow down.


Travel safely. Your friendly Farmers agent,


Farmers Insurance Awarded Top Brand of 2014

Ace Metrix has released their Brand of the Year report for 2014 and I am proud to announce that Farmers Insurance has been awarded Top Brand in the insurance industry. With humble beginnings right here in California nearly 90 years ago, this is a great accomplishment for Farmers.

Farmers Insurance scored highest in overall brand effectiveness, which is compiled from over 3.5 million responses from approximately 700,000 consumers. The factors graded include likeability, persuasion, information, attention, change, relevance, desire and watchability, with the heaviest-weighted factor being creative impact.

One of the most memorable characters of Farmers’ advertising campaign features the “smart” Professor Burke, and emphasizes Farmers agents’ commitment  to helping consumers make more educated decisions about their insurance coverages. As an insurance agent located in Laguna Hills, California, my goal is no different.

If you are not already a Farmers Insurance customer, please call me at (949) 436-0740 and I can work on a quote for you right away.


Farmers Car Buying Service

farmers car buying serviceOne of the perks of being a Farmers Insurance customer is the ability to participate in the Farmers Car Buying Service.  This website is powered by TrueCar and is a simple and easy way to save you time and money when shopping for a new or used vehicle.

Finding a new or used car is simple with the Farmers Car Buying Service.

      • SEE WHAT OTHERS PAID FOR THE CAR YOU WANT – You can research a specific make and model and then select your desired color and options. You can view what others are paying for the new car you want or you can search a vast inventory of used cars.
      • GET A DEALER GUARANTEED SAVINGS CERTIFICATE THAT COULD SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OFF MSRP * Obtain in-depth price reports for the new car you want based on real-world pricing data. You also get a Members Savings Certificate with your Estimated Dealer Savings and Pricing as well as your Guaranteed Minimum Savings.** Used car certificates show a guaranteed price.***
      • SAVE TIME AND MONEY WHEN YOU WORK WITH A PROGRAM CERTIFIED DEALER Certified Dealers are prescreened to ensure a better car buying experience.  Print out your Dealer Guaranteed Savings Certificate with your new car preferences and your Guaranteed Minimum Savings (or your used car information) to lock in your savings for a hassle-free car buying experience. Savings also apply to leasing.

Start your car search now online or call 855-313-9229. And once you find the car of your dreams, learn more about Farmers auto insurance. Then call me for an auto insurance quote and learn about Farmers insurance discounts, towing and roadside assistance, and our teen driver program.


The Farmers Car Buying Service website is owned and operated by TrueCar, which is not affiliated with any of the companies comprising the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies.  Your use of the website is subject to TrueCar’s Privacy Policy.


Customer Satisfaction: My Top Priority

customer satisfactionFarmers Insurance recently scored very high in an annual customer satisfaction study. As an agency owner, I have always made customer satisfaction my top priority and I am proud to be associated with an insurance company that, as a whole, does the same.

If you are not a customer of mine, please contact me and let me show you how important your business is to me.  If I am already your insurance agent, thank you! Your reviews and referrals are always appreciated.

If you have any questions about Farmers Home and Auto Insurance, please call me at (949) 436-0740.


Farmers Insurance Payment Options

Farmers Insurance payment

Currently, Farmers Insurance payment options are Visa, MasterCard, EFT, personal or company check, and cash. However, effective April 12, 2014, Farmers Insurance will start accepting American Express and Discover for all personal lines insurance policies. Farmers Insurance Commercial customers will be happy to know that we will begin accepting all major credit cards effective June 12, 2014. And as before, there are easy ways to pay online!

Customers will then have the same payment card options across all Property and Casualty lines of business (21st Century, Bristol West, Foremost Insurance, and other specialty, business and personal lines). The addition of these new payment cards is a great option for our customers. We are pleased that we are able to accept these additional card brands. We continue to look for new ways to help customers make their Farmers Insurance payments.

There are a number of other initiatives coming throughout 2014 to improve the customer experience. Watch for details of these coming your way soon. I would also encourage customers to enroll in MyFarmers to manage policies online.

If you have any questions about Farmers Insurance payment options, please call me at (949) 436-0740. Happy New Year!

Pavel Levitanus