Insuring your Teenage Driver… SCARY!

insuring your teenage driverInsuring your teenage driver is almost as scary as allowing them to drive. Typically, insurance rates for young drivers are very high, especially in areas where there are lots of nice cars on the road. Thank goodness for Farmers Y.E.S. – a special program for insurance your teenage driver that can reduce their auto insurance rates by as much as 30%. The acronym Y.E.S. stands for You’re Essential to Safety. The YES program educates young drivers, helping them make good decisions while driving. Hopefully, it also gives parents a little more peace of mind.

To participate in the program and be eligible for the discount, your teenage driver will watch this video about the dangers of drinking and driving, read the Farmers Wrecked Roadbook and fill out the Certificate of Completion. The completed certificate can be faxed to me.

Motor vehicle accidents are STILL the leading cause of death for teens aged 16-19 in the United States, with 6 deaths per day on average.1 Fortunately, that number has decreased from six years ago, when I reported that nine teens ages 16 to 19 died every day from motor vehicle injuries.2 The facts remain the same. Insuring your teenage driver can be expensive but with the YES program, we can improve the safety of teenage drivers and also save some money. Farmers also offers a Good Student Discount for young drivers who meet certain criteria.

Please call me at 949-436-0740 if you have any questions about the Farmers Insurance YES discount for teenage drivers or the Good Student Discount. And have a safe and happy Halloween!


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