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Farmers Auto Insurance Discount for Seniors

auto insurance discount for seniorsFarmers Insurance offers a significant auto insurance discount for seniors. The Senior Defensive Driver Discount is available to customers over 55 years old who complete an online safety course offered through AARP.

The online safety course costs $15 and takes a few hours to complete. A certificate of completion will be sent to Farmers from AARP and the Senior Defensive Driver Discount will be applied to your policy, it’s that easy! The discount results in about 10% savings annually on auto insurance or motorcycle insurance premiums.

Other insurance discounts are available to  seniors as well, such as the California Good Driver discount, Affinity discounts, and multi-line policy discounts. Please call me if you have any questions or would like more information on this auto insurance discount for seniors.

7 Driving Tips to Save Gas

Ten four, back door. Put the pedal to the metal and let it roar.
~ Cledus Maggart and the Citizen’s Band

Not so much anymore — gas is too expensive, and so are traffic citations. Today we are looking for ways to save money at the pump and modifying our driving habits may help. Why? Good driving habits typically translate into more efficient fuel consumption. But did you know you can potentially boost the overall fuel efficiency of your car as much as 30 percent?

Here are some driving tips to save gas:

  • Perform routine maintenance — Stay on schedule with oil and filter changes and tune-ups. Your car needs the right proportions of air and fuel to run efficiently.
  • Monitor tire pressure — Not only are they dangerous but under-inflated tires tend to decrease mileage.
  • Combine short trips — Warm engines run more efficiently than cold ones so combining short errands into one trip may save gas and time.
  • Avoid aggressive driving — “Jack-rabbit” starts and hard braking can increase fuel consumption by as much as 40 percent and reduce travel time by only four percent.1 Not a good trade-off.
  • Drive at moderate speeds — Stay at or under the speed limit and drive at a consistent rate of speed. Try to use cruise control on long trips.
  • Travel light — Extra weight in the car creates a drag on the engine and consumes extra gas.
  • Avoid excess idling — Idling uses a surprising amount of fuel — more than restarting the engine.
  • Ride share — When possible, car pool with others to save fuel.
  • Walk more, drive less — Approximately 50% of car use is for trips within 3 miles of the home so consider biking instead for some of these short hops (source).  Or drive to a central location and walk to all of your errands. You’ll be saving fuel, reducing pollution, and perhaps skip a trip to the gym.

Bottom line: Slowing down is the easiest way to cut your fuel bill, and coupled with some of the simple gas-saving tips above you could potentially save hundreds of dollars and reduce gas emissions and other pollutants. Slow down.


Travel safely. Your friendly Farmers agent,


Pet Insurance – Farmers Insurance Teams up with Pets Best

pet insuranceFarmers Insurance has teamed up with Pets Best, the most trusted name in pet insurance, to offer coverage for your feline or canine family members.

Why Pet Insurance? Here are the numbers:

  • 1 in 3 pets will need unexpected veterinary care this year
  • 4 out of 5 pets will experience a medical emergency in their lifetime
  • Annual medical costs for a pet range from $500 to $1,000, and can dramatically increase to $8,000 for serious illnesses such as cancer treatment

Pet insurance plans start at less than $19/month, there is an easy enrollment process, and hassle-free claims.

  • Eligible pets are dogs and cats that are at least 7 weeks old.
  • Previous medical conditions or illnesses may affect eligibility.
  • Certain plans offer various deductible and reimbursement levels in order to achieve the best value for your family.
  • You can choose any licensed veterinarian and reimbursements are based on your actual vet bill.
  • Current Farmers customers can receive a 5% discount when adding a pet insurance policy.

To receive a quote, visit the Farmers-Pets Best website, fill out a very short questionnaire, and go from there. If you have any questions about pet insurance, always feel free to contact me at (949) 436-0740.