Good Driver Discount in California

I always try to make sure that my customers are receiving all eligible discounts. One of the largest discounts on a Farmers auto insurance policy is the Good Driver Discount.

The qualifications for the California Good Driver Discount are mandated by the California Department of Insurance. All California insurance carriers must conform to these qualifications. The criteria are listed below. Please remember if you do receive a traffic citation, ticket or a moving violation, it’s imperative to go to traffic school so that your insurance will not increase.

Good Driver Discount – California Insurance Code Section 1861.025

A person is qualified to purchase a Good Driver Discount policy if he or she meets the following criteria:

 (a) He or she has been licensed to drive a motor vehicle for the previous three years.

 (b) During the previous three years, he or she has not done any of the following:

(1) Had more than one violation point count determined as provided by subdivision (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (g), or (h) of Section 12810 of the Vehicle Code, but subject to certain modifications.

(2) Had more than one dismissal pursuant to Section 1803.5 of the Vehicle Code that was not made confidential pursuant to Section 1808.7 of the Vehicle Code, in the 36-month period for violations that would have resulted in the imposition of more than one violation point count under paragraph (1) if the complaint had not been dismissed.

(3) Was the driver of a motor vehicle involved in an accident that resulted in bodily injury or in the death of any person and was principally at fault. The commissioner shall adopt regulations setting guidelines to be used by insurers for the determination of fault for the purposes of this paragraph and paragraph (1).

The criteria seem a bit confusing, but in a nutshell, you cannot have more than one traffic citation or accident in the last 3 years.  And by going to traffic school, most citations (not accidents) are expunged from your driving record. 

If you have any questions about Farmers Auto Insurance or the Good Driver Discount, please call me at (949) 436-0740.

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