Home Insurance Additional Coverages

There are home insurance additional coverages, also known as endorsements, that are added on to a regular home insurance policy and provide coverage for special items and situations. There is a charge for most of the endorsements listed below.

IDENTITY SHIELD COVERAGE – With Farmers Insurance Identity Shield, you receive credit monitoring 24 hours a day with quick e-mail notification whenever there is something abnormal in your credit file. Also, you gain 24 hour access to identity experts who can assist you if you ever become a victim of identity theft or other related crimes.

BUSINESS PURSUITS COVERAGE – Farmers offers an optional coverage for your business pursuits. Items that are valuable to your home business can be covered for unexpected losses at or away from your home, which could affect you financially. However, your unendorsed home insurance policy still provides coverage of up to $5,000 for electronic data processing equipment such as your laptop.

EARTHQUAKE COVERAGE – Standard insurance policies do not cover damage caused by an earthquake. Optional coverage may be available for your home and your belongings that are damaged (or destroyed) due to an earthquake. We offer earthquake insurance through the California Earthquake Authority (CEA).

FREEZER FOOD SPOILAGE COVERAGE – For an additional premium, Farmers will provide additional coverage to cover the loss or damage to food in a freezer on the residence premises when the loss or damage is the result of interruption of power or other utility service originating off the residence premises.

ECO REBUILD COVERAGE – With our Eco-Rebuild endorsement, in the event of a covered loss, policyholders can get up to $25,000 coverage for extra costs to rebuild, repair or replace with green contents and materials. For example, if your dishwasher is damaged or destroyed from a covered loss you can upgrade your dishwasher with the more expensive energy star models.

JEWELRY FLOATER – In case of theft of jewelry or watches, your standard home insurance policy will cover up to $1,000 per item, and up to $5,000 total for all jewelry and watches stolen in any one covered loss. Your jewelry is covered for some losses other than theft up to your Personal Property limits listed in your policy. For true peace of mind with higher-end jewelry, consider purchasing a Jewelry Floater, which can cover the full value of your valuables, including damage to your ring.

WATERCRAFT COVERAGE – If you own a small watercraft or windsurfing equipment, your regular home insurance policy provides coverage, subject to the exclusions listed in the policy, up to $3,000 cash value. Note: you are not covered for theft away from your home. For increased limits, you may consider purchasing additional watercraft coverage.

CHILD CARE LIABILITY – This endorsement amends the policy to cover bodily injury and property damage resulting from an occurrence under Section II – Liability Coverage for home child care services.

CAMERA FLOATER – Privately owned cameras, projection machines and all equipment used for photography purposes. Miscellaneous property, such as binoculars, telescopes and the like, which may be used in conjunction with cameras and photographic equipment, may be insured under this policy, when included with cameras or projectors.

If you have any questions about Farmers Home Insurance Coverages, or the endorsements listed above please call me at (949) 436-0740.