A Tip to Avoid Water Damage Insurance Claim

I receive many phone calls each year from customers who have water damage inside their home. Water damage or water-related damage is the cause of many claims and millions of dollars in losses annually. I have a preventative maintenance tip for homeowners which may possible help to avoid water damage inside their home.

water damageThe most common types of insurance claims we see at Farmers Insurance are water damage caused from either a pinhole leak in a pipe or a bursting pipe. Often this happens because water pressure is too high.

Water pressure can be regulated very easily by simply connecting a water pressure gauge (a $10 tool that can be purchased at Lowe’s, Home Depot or Amazon.com) to the main outside faucet (the one with a direct line to your meter). When you turn the faucet on, you will get a reading on the gauge which should measure between 40 PSI and 80 PSI.  If the pressure measures higher than 80 PSI, there is increased water pressure entering your home, which can stress the pipes and could subsequently lead to a pipe leaking or bursting and water damage inside the home. If you do find that you have higher than 80 PSI, you should contact a local plumber who can install a water pressure regulator (normally costs about $500 for parts and labor). A water pressure regulator will even out the water pressure, as well as reduce strain on plumbing fixtures and increase their service life.

Obviously the cost of not installing the regulator or not being aware of water pressure issues could be much greater if a pipe bursts and causes water damage in your home. So make sure to check the water pressure at your home a few times a year, or whenever you hear a whistle or high-pitched noise while water is running.

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