Towing and Roadside Assistance

Most Californians may not realize that their auto or motorcycle insurance policy could have coverage for towing and roadside assistance.  People often purchase additional coverage for these items through AAA or Auto Club. I thought I’d take this time to make sure that my current and potential future customers know that a great value lies in the Farmers Insurance towing and roadside assistance coverage, available as an option on an auto or motorcycle insurance policy.

roadside assisance Farmers insurance towingWhen I receive a request for an auto insurance quote from a new customer, I almost always include this optional coverage. With it, Farmers Insurance provides for 3 tows per year and up to $150 per incident, with the additional premium for most cars running about $40-$50 per year. This is a significant bargain, considering that typically, without coverage, a tow costs several hundred dollars.  Plus, if you use this coverage less than 4 times per year, your auto insurance rates will NOT increase. If you need roadside assistance for any sort of mechanical failure or weather-related problem with your car, you’d be covered there, too. Make sure you ask your Farmers Insurance agent about our towing and roadside assistance program.

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