Farmers Insurance Discounts

Did you know that insurance is one of the largest costs to a household over the course of a year? Whether it’s home, auto, life, health insurance, there are many ways to reduce your premium simply by asking your agent what discounts are available. Farmers Insurance has more discounts than many of its competitors. Below I will discuss what Farmers Insurance discounts are out there and how much they will reduce your insurance costs.

Farmers insurance discountsI’ve written previously about Farmers Insurance affinity discounts. Affinity discounts are related to your occupation or degree (these discounts can mean up to 18% off your policy). However, there are many other discounts out there, some of which are unknown to most customers. It is almost always less expensive to package both your auto and home insurance together (or renters policy) with the same insurance carrier. At Farmers, you will receive a 15% discount on your home insurance policy and a 15% discount on your auto insurance policy. Additionally, by adding a life insurance policy, you will receive an additional 5% off your home and auto insurance policy.  Farmers Insurance is one of the only insurance carriers that offers a discount when a life insurance policy is added to your household.

Other discounts to ask your insurance agent or carrier about are:

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